quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

2º Step

Experiment the reduction in time, manual recreation of the laser purpose

To see if the LIDAR data is going to make a difference in reducing time, a simple test was made. Manual cutted images, i.e instead of giving the algorithm the entire image (640x480), only give the section of the image that has something that the LASER can detect (excluding big objects like cars, or very small objects like traffic signs [objects that the LASER only detects with one point] ), for example:

Entire image 

time to process = 82s

  ++      time to process = 0.67s
only image that was                                                               
detected pedestrians                                               
The initial algorithm was modified, so that it continues to detect pedestrians even in small images. 

To speed the process, when the small images are "given" to the algorithm, the only response/publish of the algorithm is if the image contains a pedestrian(s) or not.

The same group of pedestrians were detected in the two cases.

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