quarta-feira, 9 de abril de 2014

1º Step

Comprehend last year developed pedestrian detection algorithm 

After 2 (almost 3) weeks passed, I was still struggling to run the algorithm, tried everything (even contacting the maker of the algorithm, Pedro Silva), but nothing happened, only driving me crazy.

Arranged a meeting with Pedro Silva, so that he could help me understand his algorithm and together find the problem. Two hours passed and starting to get late, he reminded me that the only thing different between my laptop and his, was that he had Ubuntu 64-bit version install and I had Ubuntu 32-bit version install. 

Than I came home and after installing Ubuntu 64-bit version, I tried to run the algorithm again and finally it worked, so here's my thanks to Pedro Silva :), 

Now, talking about the algorithm:
- Subscribes an image publish in ROS environment;
- Processes an 640x480 image in 70/80 sec (in my laptop);


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